Monday, December 3, 2007

Supersession 3

Liquid Dirt - Dirt Jumping
Supersession 3 was super rad, except for some of the gnarly crashes that took place. Unfortunately, I was one of the casualties. On my first time trying the big step down on the big DJ line, I hesitated at the last second and veered to the right off of the lip. I was hoping there would be something over there to bail out onto... but... nothing. I went all the way to flat, nose heavy, and then went over the bars to a face plant. A lot of my face was scratched up and I had to get stitches in two spots on my lip. It sucks, but I'll be fine. That's what I get for not fully committing.

Peanut and the Meyer brothers had the other crazy slams of the weekend. Nick Meyer had two bad crashes. The first scraping up his face pretty good, the 2nd sending him to surgery on his intestines. Ryan Meyer had a crazy mid-air collision on the DJs within the first few hours of the sesh on Thursday. I heard he also had a bad slam in The Hangar on Saturday night. Those guys had no luck. Peanut had maybe the scariest moment when his RST Space fork snapped after casing one of the big dubs. That ended in a concussion, but he was ripping the next day on his bmx.

The weather was also less than perfect and prevented anything too crazy from going down on the dirt jumps. It rained Thursday night and was cold and foggy all day Friday. Saturday was sunny, but cold and windy. We left early Sunday, but that may have been the best day for a sesh on the DJs.

So, other than the slams and the weather, it was awesome. It was cool to see so many good riders just out having fun on their bikes. Thomas Hancock (bmx pro) may have been the best rider there. He was killing it on big wheels. He was super steezy on the trails and had the craziest tricks in the park. He landed every 720 I saw him try on the resi. He also may have invented a new trick... it was like a super dumped/corked 3 that looked like nothing I have ever seen. He says he's been riding a lot of moto lately and that the mountain bike is an easier switch than the bmx. If he decides to start competing on his mountain bike, watch out.

Others that were shredding included Adam Hauck (he owns the park), Ty McCaul (one of the very few who made it through the big DJ line), and Joe Perrizo (busting back flips like they were one footers). I think Ryan Howard had the best style through the trails. His whips and unturns looked so fluid and effortless.

We got a few pics. Nothing too crazy, because in all honesty, there wasn't a lot of craziness going on (except maybe for the foam pit).

Note To Self - Never buy a RST Space fork:
Liquid Dirt - Dirt Jumping
A-Rev with a steezy 3 over the dirt spine:
Liquid Dirt - Dirt Jumping
Me on the trails:
Liquid Dirt - Jeremy Combs
Crappy weather:
Liquid Dirt - Dirt Jumping
The dual slalom course occupied most of the time for a lot of the rippers:

Joe can do more than just flip. He's also a super cool guy:
Liquid Dirt - Dirt Jumping

Photos: Potato Grande